Compare And Contrast Beowulf As A Modern Hero

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Beowulf represents what a modern hero truly is rather than Dante the pilgrim, because he displays qualities of courage, pride, and humility. In order to be considered a modern hero the individual must demonstrate these particular qualities, and courage, pride, and humility should be reflected in the actions they make.
A true modern hero is able to set aside fear and act on the matter at hand, which signifies the quality of courage. Being Courageous can set you apart from others, because you are willing to carry out actions that are beneficial for the greater good. Any one can say they are going to do something, but when the claim is backed with actions they truly display courage. Beowulf is the epitome of being courageous. He voluntarily
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Throughout his journey Dante the pilgrims meets different souls who share their gruesome stories, and Dante the pilgrim does initially sympathize with them. Eventually as he gets lower into hell he does not pity the souls anymore. In Canto three Dante states "Inscribed on the lintel of an archway, master I said, this saying 's hard for me."(Inferno, III; 11-12). The claim can be made that Dante is very different from the dammed souls he sees in hell, and he is aware of that. In a way Dante sort of separates himself from those souls he meets. A single minded mentality is born unlike in Beowulf where his pride helps him to solve a problem that will help his…show more content…
Once Grendel and his mother are killed, the king showers Beowulf in gifts. Beowulf shows humility and accepts the gifts, and quietly returns to his home. He does not want to bask in his glory. "So they went on their journey, and Hrothgar 's generosity was praised repeatedly"(Beowulf 1885-86). This quote symbolizes the relationship between the King of Danes and Beowulf, because he is constantly thanking him for the gifts. It is not just seen as a business deal where Beowulf has come to provide a service, and collect his reward. There is much more to his actions, he genuinely provides services to the king for the greater good. He is humble in nature, where he is not looking for attention. He does not gloat that he is truly the best warrior he sort of just thanks the king. The king of Danes states to Beowulf "In all things you are even tempered, prudent, and resolute"(Beowulf 17056). It is already known that he is a great warrior, so there is no need for him to overly express

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