Identifying a Theory to Dissect Organizational Problems Essay

Identifying a Theory to Dissect Organizational Problems Essay

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Identifying a theory to Dissect Organizational Problems
Motivation is a guiding principle that can keep people focus, moving them towards
achieving their goals whether personally of professionally. A lack of Performance may be due to
lack of motivation, but is not always the case. Sometimes even the highly motivated employee
can perform poorly. This may be due to other factors to include being knowledgeably, poor
management, low pay, poor company policy and procedures, no opportunity to grow with the
company and low morale. In the case of JLB Enterprises, efficiency and productivity decreased
over time due to lack of motivation.The Transformational Theory can serve as a lens to view
JLB Enterprises current problems and possibly offering a solution.
Transformational Leadership
Kendrick (2011) states, “Transformational leadership focuses on the followers, motivates
them to achieve a higher performance level and help develop the leader within each individual”.
Looking at the statistics for JLB Enterprises, the total number of empl...

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