The Idea Behind Commodity Fetishism Essay

The Idea Behind Commodity Fetishism Essay

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The idea behind commodity fetishism is that the relationships that were once between people have been transferred over to the products of said people’s creation. The abstractness of the item’s economic value has somehow taken a tangible form that gives the item value through exchange rather than the labor required to produce it. The line between an item’s falsified intrinsic value and the labor that was required to make it has been obscured to the point that we exaggerate the value of the item. Eventually the item is more or less a sum of money in wait to be exchanged. The value of the item being increased and decreased accordingly based on wants and needs in a never-ending cycle of transactions.
Marx claims that fetishism arises from an obscuring of worker production and exchange. The lack of worker appreciation has changed the social interactions from person-to-person to commodity-to-commodity. (76-77) Thus, it is causing people to value commodities more so than actual people. And even if the worker is appreciated, the worker may not value the item they have produced because it has no meaning to them if they have no control over what gets done with the product. In turn, that would mean that the social aspects between people would still be void as it plays into a large, mechanized, system of interaction that only occurs with commodity handoffs.
Commodity fetishism does seem to have a grip on most capitalist societies as it becomes more and more common to ignore the producers of the items that get circulated throughout the economy. Specifically speaking, here in the U.S it is highly uncommon that the average person would produce many of the items that they purchase on a daily basis. The items are given a set value based on chara...

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...s the idea that they have the desired traits that makes something worth buying. The values are set in the wrong direction even though the priorities for purchase are in the right. My father’s computer store exemplifies the lack of concern for quality of production. Most of the time, people will walk in to purchase a computer without even considering all of the different functionalities, preparations and so-on-so-forth that contributes to making a wise decision. It’s not generally something one would think about; or rather complain about, because it lowers the standards of production. Normally this would mean that production would be cheaper and so would upkeep, but my father insists on doing his very best in maintaining a good reputation by informing his clients, so that his clients don’t entirely forget the quality of the craftsmanship by simply buying the crafts.

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