Essay on I Have Always Been A Pretty Good Writer

Essay on I Have Always Been A Pretty Good Writer

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I have always been a pretty good writer. Throughout my educational career, especially in high school, I have written a lot of papers. This has provided an immense amount of practice, and has adapted my writing process through the years. The central idea to my writing process has always been to just sit down, get out a pen and paper or computer, and let it flow. Usually this works, but when it doesn’t, especially for papers that are about more complex ideas, I have to adapt my writing process to make sure that I have put everything I have in my brain onto the paper. That goes along with the mindset about writing that I have. That is, I believe that I should write every single paper like it’s going to be my masterpiece. Sometimes, there are strategies that can help me to achieve that mindset. In the videos I watched, I found there were a few authors that stood out to me and actually had ideas that I either have used before, or will use in the future.
The first writer I’d like to talk about is Pauline Chen. Her piece of advice was to go out for a run whenever you get writer’s block. It is an excellent strategy that I highly recommend. I ran track and cross country in high school, and I love running. Sometimes if I’m having a particularly rough time getting through a paper that is either really long, or just really difficult, I will go out for a long, slow run. This is perfect for clearing my head of any mixed up thoughts. I try not to think about anything, like what the Tao te Ching teaches about doing nothing. After my run is over, I head straight back to my workspace with a cleared mind, and the words flow like a waterfall.
The second author that I could relate to was Alexander McCall Smith. He was talking about how when new writer...

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...r my academic goals here at VMI, so I know that no matter how much it’s going to suck, I have to have the discipline to start my writing assignments in a timely manner. The last part to his advice was about closing off the avenues to the outside world. This wasn’t too much of a problem when I was in high school. Besides the occasional break to watch Netflix or send a text, I was able to block out most distractions. Here at VMI, I do not think closing off avenues to the outside world will be much of a problem. Mostly because they have literally closed it off for us.
In conclusion, I believe that my writing has grown from watching the writer’s process videos. There were many helpful tips that I either reinforced, or have learned which I will be sure to try out in the near future. This has been another step in the long process of finding my own personal writing process.

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