I Felt Like English 125 With Emily Essay

I Felt Like English 125 With Emily Essay

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Over the course of the semester, I felt like English 125 with Emily has really helped me grow as a writer. I was one of those people who saw writing as something I just had to do. I honestly could say that I did not enjoy writing until I took this class in college. In this class, I got the opportunity to express my own thoughts rather than writing a traditional five paragraph paper like I did in high school. My writing were mostly based on personal stories and connections that have applications to the world and to the question: Why did this matter? The type of writing I loved the most was writing about my own personal experiences in the narrative and reflection essays. The narrative and reflection essays gave me the opportunity to express myself better compared to writing an analytical or research paper.
When I looked over my essays, I noticed that my essays to seem to have one common theme. All of the essay topics were topics that I truly cared about and that I had passion writing for. I liked how this class gave me the opportunity to pick our topics and write about it. This differed greatly my past writings where it was really dry and it did not have an author or voice. If I had to describe what my writing is like, I would choose the words like anecdotal, relatable, and passionate. The essays I wrote have a lot of personal content that I would relate to a bigger topic. An example of this would be when I talked about the my experience with being able to read and write in English in elementary school compared to now. I related it to the world by speaking on the behalf of kids coming from families who were immigrants and spoke limited English.
When I came up with my essay topics to write about, I would usually brainstorm ideas ab...

... middle of paper ...

...e on my family’s mahogany table as it hurls down onto the floor, breaking into millions of pieces as my parents purposefully whacked it off the table. My sister and I were trembling and sitting paralyzed in fear as we watched intensively while my mother and father argued in Vietnamese for another time. The battle between their words against each other felt like fire arrows landing on us and burning the very foundation of what I have relied on.” I really loved theses lines because the scene opens up with a strong visual action going on. It showed the intensity of the situation and it was the start off point for my voice. It also allowed me to have fun and be creative with my word choice and my perspective on the essay. Through this class,I would definitely consider taking more English and Humanities courses if I had more room in my schedule.Thanks for a great semester!

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