I Feel That This Model Ties Into The Danielson Framework And The Common Core Standards

I Feel That This Model Ties Into The Danielson Framework And The Common Core Standards

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I feel that this model ties in nicely to our current policies and especially ties into the Danielson framework and the Common Core Standards. The easy to follow format of the assessment model made sense and really stuck with me.
The fourth resource in the category of formative assessment was a book written by Connie Moss and Susan M. Brookhart titled, Advancing Formative Assessment in Every Classroom published in 2009. This text focused specifically on classroom lead practices aimed at building strategies to improve the formative assessment process. Like many other collected sources, this book stresses the idea that formative assessment improves student achievement and raises teacher quality as well. Besides explaining the formative assessment process in detail, the authors also clear the air about many teacher held misconceptions about formative assessments. The most helpful information contained in this text was the various charts that very clearly categorize the major ideas surrounding formative assessments. The first helpful chart was a side-by-side comparison of formative and summative assessments (Moss & Brookhart, 7). This illustrated clearly such things as the purpose, focus and who led the process. There were three other useful charts that illustrated the impact of the formative assessment process on teachers, links between formative assessment and intrinsic motivation and finally how teachers and students can recognize the formative assessment process (Moss & Brookhart, 11,17, 19). This information gave additional clarity and overall focus on organizing the formative assessments and adapting them to the action research project.
The final resource in the formative assessment category was a 2011 article written by ...

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...ARCC throughout their schools. In their discussion of classroom instructional uses of technology-based assessments, the authors reaffirm the benefits of formative assessments if they are aligned to the standards, feedback is given and students self-reflect (Quellmalz & Pellegrino, 77). In this endeavor, the authors believe, “Technologies are well suited to supporting many of the data collection, complex analysis, and individual feedback and scaffolding features needed for the formative use of assessment” (Quellmalz & Pellegrino, 77). This concept fits nicely within the concept of action research and what its purpose truly is. In summary, this article draws upon the various strengths that technology-based assessments can provide when used correctly both in large-scale test settings and small-scale classroom settings for both formative and summative assessments.

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