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In every sector, feedback plays critical role for better understanding and outcome of problem and situation. This apply to education sector as well, where the feedback from teacher and student can improve the teaching and learning process within the university. This improved teaching and learning system can further enhance the reputation of the university by producing a well competent graduates that can take over the challenges in the real word with confidence and well organized attitude. Feedback from teachers on assessment have always plays an important role in students’ life and have been part of teaching and learning processes. Students in the higher education or University repeatedly find that feedback practices as a way to enhance their understanding. Drew, 2011 (as cited in Anna Rowe, 2011) has emphasized that students perceptions of learning often chime with the claims made by educational theory, they sometimes emphasis factors that are rarely mentioned in the educational literature. However, feedback should not be necessarily a reinforcement because feedback can be accepted, modified and rejected. Hence, this essay will discuss about the importance of feedback and how teachers and students view feedback in their perspective way.
Generally, feedback is the key strategy to the formative assessment. For many students feedback is a mean of satisfying a need for personal contact and emotional support. For example, according to Shank (as cited in Rowe, 2011, p.347), relational factors, such as social integration, play an important part in the adjustment and success of overseas students in unfamiliar learning and cultural environments. Students’ life is full of struggle, especially international students have to manage a number...

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