Essay on I Chose The Adventist Church As The Faith That I Would Observe

Essay on I Chose The Adventist Church As The Faith That I Would Observe

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My project was to attend a religious service that was different to my own but one that I felt may have similar practices within their services. I chose the Adventist church as the faith that I would observe. I chose this project as it would allow me to see the differences in how we worship and practice our religious beliefs as a Catholic. My intention through the experience was to give me a perspective on how similar or different Christian faiths may be practiced from denomination to denomination. The church space setup was similar to the Catholic church building as they have an area for the congregation to sit and a location up front from where their minister preaches. The day that Adventists celebrate the Sabbath is different than that of Catholics, they observe Saturday as their church day. Prior to their church service they have a Sabbath school that is divided up into groups that are grouped by age. During those sessions there is a church elder that leads the group in discussion and focuses on the bible teachings and how it relates to members. The Sabbath school then...

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