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I Attended Dance Plus Program Essay example

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I attended Dance Plus Program 1 on Wednesday, April 22, 2015 at Victoria J. Mastrobuono Theater, which is located at Rutgers Cook & Douglass Campus. The Dance Plus Program was organized and hosted by Rutgers Mason Gross School of Arts’ faculty, staff and students. The concert was comprised of six dance performances in total. All the dances were very engaging, fascinating and interesting. Additionally, they all were unique in their own ways through the kinds of music, dance styles, theme, energy and facial expressions of the dancers that were used in each performance.
I decided to write about Hello Herman Heese out off all the dance performances. It was very entertaining and cheerful show. I don’t know a lot about the theater shows and their types, but I think Hello Herman Heese is repertoire piece of work that is choreographed by wonderful director, Randy James. We had Randy James in on of our dance appreciation classes, representing his company named 10 Hairy Legs as an Artistic Director of the dance company. At that time, the dancers of the company performed few of company’s dance works. Out of all of them, Bull was very inspiring to me. The whole class had a chance to see improvisation, outstanding coordination between performers, smooth lifts and little bit of the dance in one piece of dance. Just like Bull, Hello Herman Heese was extremely impressive, full of energy and entertaining. This part of the show exhibited the audience a convivial and charming atmosphere of beer bars, also known as taverns. There was the environment of celebration and festival on the stage while the cast was performing. Everything on the stage looked so real that I was able imagine myself to be part of that party too. Additionally, th...

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...ill gather in the biggest kitchen of their neighborhood during cold winters to entertain themselves. They would play music with not only their musical instruments, but also with kitchen utensils such as spoons, and dance on the music. In warm summers, they would join their families, friends and neighbors outside for their regular entertainment of irish dance with a little twist. Wooden door would be used as their dance platform, because of rainy summers would make the dance difficult to do do irish dance on regular floor and road.
Finally, main focus of most of the theater shows is to entertain the audience and portray a theme or message. Hello Herman Heese was able to cover both aspects very well. The whole performance was very interesting to watch, and the bar set up was very vivid through stage settings, kinds of music, dancers performances and their outfits.

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