I Am Never Like You Don 't Belong Essay example

I Am Never Like You Don 't Belong Essay example

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Have you ever feel like you don’t belong, but wanted to be so bad, so you go along with that wanting to fit in felling instead of being you? I knew it was wrong but I couldn’t help it, I had gave up on my conscious by now. I wouldn’t normally do that, in a way I feel like I’ve earned it, I passed all my classes so far, I had done all I could and all that was Asked. It’s only a few months until school ends, which mean I wouldn’t get to spend time with him, until I go to high school, which is a year away. All along with these grown kids, no adult near, only strangers passing by, this is not a typical middle schooler’s afternoon, they took over the park. The dark day makes me felt like I am vanished in eternity. The only things I could think of were, what was I doing here? How did I get here? Why am I here? I would normally be in the music room at this time, probably helping set up instead now I am here, with the wind blowing through me, all these kids, I only knew a quarter of them. I knew I should’ve followed my instinct, to just stick to my normal schedule, like always. I wanted to be next to him, as much I could. He made me feel like I “belong, deep down it was what I wanted.
As soon as I got on the bus, everyone was talking about how awesome it will be taking over the park, the one near the school. I put my headphones on because Jordan wasn’t here today. Jordan and I are neighbors, we go to the same middle school and probably the same high, if I don’t move. I just moved here when I first met him, we had math class together, then we started to talk on the bus. He was quiet, not shy, not a want-to-be like the other boys, under he’s bad boy appearance and don’t-care attitudes, and he was polite and amusing. I had a crush on him ...

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...As I leaned back slightly, he kissed me while stilled hugging me, suddenly I felt lightheaded. He hold my head as we go back to the living room, he said we were leaving, he said good bye to his friends and we left. He whole my hands as he walked me home.
I never knew I would regret this as much I did know, I was fatuous, I knew better, but I let my Lack of confidence get the best of me. I’ve learned so much then, never let my guard down again, and always follow my intuition no matter what. I’ve gave in to pressure, goes against everything I believe in, everything I was taught not to. In one afternoon, 1I’ve become someone monstrous. I lied, all for this, for a dishonest moment with a guy who I thought I liked. I am glad nothing major had happened, I now know I am a lucky one, I could have gotten hurt or worst. I realized now what I did was self-centered and wrong.

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