The “Fitting In” Standards of High School

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Say you’re the new kid at your high school. If you had two choices, to fit in or to “not stand out”, which would you choose? Personally, I think adolescence is really about fitting in more than standing out. Sometimes, a lot of kids fit into a certain group of people because they stand out from the normal standards of adolescent society. The people to blame for this issue, I believe, is not the adolescent even though they practice such behaviors; I believe the media has a great deal of fault for the appeal to fit in. School’s also have a role in this problem as well as the parents. I believe that schools don’t help or try to see the problem of ‘bubbles’ and some parents try to encourage the idea of fitting in. To begin with, I believe that teenagers try more to fit in than to “not stand out”. In high school, it’s all about cliques, or “bubbles”. In these bubbles, you have different types of people that go into separate groups based on their style, hobbies, appearance, and persona. I believe that teenagers try more to fit in than to “not stand out” because if you’re a new person in ...
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