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My name Ameenah Yamini, I am now 18 years old. I’m a senior at Frederick Douglass High School. I am the 12th child out of all my brother and sisters. It’s 7 girls and 5 boys, I know I have a big family. I used to live with both of my parents until my daddy died back in 2012, so now it’s just my mom and me. I used to have a job at Papa Johns in Dunwoody but I had to let it go because I have to focus on my school work. All i worry about is school, nothing else. Well let me tell you about my life. I’ll start back in 6th grade, when i attended Sylvan Hills Middle. I was at that school for all my 3 years of middle school. That was the most piped up school ever. Everybody was cool with everybody. I done got into some trouble at the end of my 8th

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