Essay about I Am Born Into A Lower Class Family

Essay about I Am Born Into A Lower Class Family

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I was born into a lower class family. My father was working class until his diabetes became out of control and due to complications was unable to hold a job. He had no health insurance, didn’t qualify for public assistance because be owned two inoperable vehicles. I wasn’t aware we were lower class due to the tribe we socialized with. Our church was a huge part of our life. It was within walking distance and many people of similar class socialized together. It wasn’t until my older brother and I reached the legal age to hold a job and drive did our family rise out of the lower class. It was a family effort to move up in the ladder. Eventually my dad received health insurance and was able to manage his diabetes. He began his own business and was able to support us. I don’t think I realized my class station until I attended college for the first time. Moving out of the town I grew up in and then returning was when I realized how poor our area was. My hometown looked completely different, when in reality it was just a change in perspective. Having a new car for the first time, attending college, and working somewhere other than a local restaurant contributed in my awareness of social class. Upon getting married I immediately moved to upper working class, always on the border of being middle class, Our families desire is to provide for my daughter things that we weren’t afforded as children. This contributed mainly to my decision to return to college. I want to advance in my career field and be able to provide my daughter with an education that I wasn’t given. This one right as a woman has contributed to my family’s success of moving up the ladder and staying there.
My struggles, seemingly insurmountable at times, are nothin...

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...o get on the bosses “good side” We interpreted that as “flirting” or even “dating” the boss. The thought made me sick. The young men hired didn’t have to deal with this. Most were promoted to waiter within months. I worked really hard and without conforming wasn’t promoted for a year. I have experienced many similar situations within my career and can only hope that it changes. This type of inequality is felt by most women and even people of lower class and people of color. The lower and working class are not afforded the same educational opportunities that the middle and upper class receive. There is inequality in our justice system towards people of color as well as marriage inequality. But we work hard not to admit it and place blame on those who are experiencing it. Because to admit it, we would have to admit we aren’t living up to our true American ideology.

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