I Am An Athlete And Nutrition Essay

I Am An Athlete And Nutrition Essay

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I am an athlete and nutrition plays a very important role in my abilities to perform. It has been well documented that optimal nutrition can lead to an enhancement in an athlete’s physical activity, athletic performance, and recovery from exhaustive exercise (Clark, M., Reed, D. B., Crouse, S. F., and Armstrong, R. B., 2003). Also, athletes are expending more energy so therefore they need more calories for this extra expenditure of energy (Clark, M., Reed, D. B., Crouse, S. F., and Armstrong, R. B., 2003). I am a soccer player and this sport comes with specific needs. Due to all of the increase in accelerating, stopping, turning, jumping, tackling, and irregular feigned movements the athletes who participate in them have an increased in their metabolic demands (Clark, M., Reed, D. B., Crouse, S. F., and Armstrong, R. B., 2003). So it is important for me when I am looking at my diet to keep this in mind and to understand I am in a position in which I have to eat more calories.
On average for the past week, I have only eaten about 1,211 calories a day. It is very common for female athletes typically consume less than 2000 kcal/day during training a completion, which will not support the recommendations to maintain optimal muscle glycogen stores (Clark, M., Reed, D. B., Crouse, S. F., and Armstrong, R. B., 2003). There was only one day in the week in which I got the recommended calorie intake of 1865 ± 530 during the off-season (Clark, M., Reed, D. B., Crouse, S. F., and Armstrong, R. B., 2003). This is a very worrying thought because I weight lift on Wednesdays and Fridays and I have soccer practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I also have athletic training clinical five days a week and that is a very active time of my day with a l...

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...e a more consistent amount of calories in my diet and when I have a high-calorie diet day it should not be because I ate fattier and more sugary foods than usually, but because I ate more foods that are healthier for me. I just need to continue to keep my active level up and to not let it deep down once summer hits and I am not around the organization of my soccer team. Overall, I just need to have more healthy variation in my diet. I need to get more than just carbohydrates in my diet and to get more protein. Also, I need to get more variety in my micronutrients and not just fall into the habits of getting plenty of fruits and vegetables on days and then none the next day. This project was very enlightening and it let me see the patterns that I tend to fall into when it comes to my diet. I definitely think I will come out of this eating better and more consciously.

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