I Am A 37 Year Old Single Woman Essay

I Am A 37 Year Old Single Woman Essay

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I am a 37 year old single woman with very few attachments. I have no set place to live, no one steady job, no boyfriend or husband, no child and no pet. That being said, I am not without anything. I have more than enough. I have built a side business house-sitting, allowing me financial freedom. There is always enough work for me and my social network is large and very supportive. My life is is creative, unique and never boring. I chose this lifestyle while in school in order to focus on my path and not on rent. I grew up in Los Angeles with my single mother and was eighteen before I met my father. After Facebook came on the scene I discovered I have seven brothers and sisters all over the globe from my father. He kept all of us apart for fear of his secrets being revealed. He was married 6 times that we know of, never overlapping, but never honest about his past. I took several months to travel the world and meet all my siblings and now I have a very intense and amazing relationship with almost all of them. I have learned so much about perspective this adventure, how mine was so different from each and everyone one of my brothers and sisters.
I am currently working on a literary piece about my experience with my siblings and my nomadic lifestyle. I have workshopped it here at Antioch as well as several other writing labs off campus. I originally saw it coming together as a screenplay, but as I go further into creative writing workshops the more I see it as a literary piece. I am not married to any particular format and open to learning more about all. It is an unusual story, but it is becoming more relevant as

the world of social media grows. As a student of psychology, the piece is becoming an exploration of my educat...

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...in which we tell our stories and they keep the focus on solutions. My personal life has flourished since taking these skills and applying them. I have been working with a narrative psychologist as well as studying it and the combination has worked so well in understanding and applying the concepts. I have learned boundaries within my friendships and family members that I previously did not understand. My relationship with my mother is in a new place based on this. I know there is so much left to learn, I am not done, I feel I will be a student for a long time. Storytelling is my passion, in a broad scope, if you pull back and look at what storytelling truly is. It is those that rewrites the past or create the future. Storytelling is therapy, it is art, performance, film making, writing, it is all of those things and more. A true storyteller can change the world.

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