Essay about I Am A Great Planner And Anticipate Issues Before They Occur

Essay about I Am A Great Planner And Anticipate Issues Before They Occur

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Taking the time to acknowledge the present is a difficult thing for me to do. My strength has been to be a great planner and anticipate issues before they occur. To think about three good things means that I literally have to stop thinking about the future and realize that the past or present has occurred on how it impacted me. By thinking about the good things, it allowed me to mentally relive the positive feelings and brought a smile to my face. It wasn’t an inner peace experience, but rather a more content feeling. One that feels good, but was short lived once life and the things around me come back into focus.
The other dilemma that occurred was that I started to “think” about the good things. This is my nature state of processing. Soon I realized that I need to “feel” the good things if I truly wanted to see how this exercise could offer an alternative impact in my life. Thus, I tried to center my thoughts and push them aside while allowing the feelings to move from second nature to the forefront of my state of mind.
My daily exercise of reflecting upon the three good things that impacted my day became an exercise that concluded the day itself. After a long day at work, I would close my door and think about what I was grateful for and what made me happy. It was nice on those days that there was more than three and I had to prioritize the good things. It was tough on those days that just seemed like there was nothing going right for me. In the end, it was pleasant and a bit mediative to reflect on the good things in a job was only problems hit my plate.
The days that had easier recall of the good things seemed to occur on the days that my core intention or needs were being met the most. I know that my...

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... This did create a better interaction with the people around me, but sometimes I feel that there is a lost message with the “sugar coating”.
I did have one employee approach me and raised the issue of the positive interactions she was having with me. Her concern was that although it was nice to have a more proactive and positive communication, she feared that the “truth” or real input of her work was not being communicated as effectively as it was prior to the exercise. As much as I tried to assure her that I was giving her open and honest feedback, just in a more positive light, she shrugged and indicated that at least she knew where she stood with the direct and less positive feedback.
There is a balance between the two. Positive energy creates strength and focus. Focusing on the negative does allow for a more direct communication and one that clears the air.

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