A Personal Experience with Positive Psychology

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Positive psychology can definitely help change ones perspective on many situations and teach them how to make the best out of negative circumstances in their life. Having a positive outlook on life is great for someone’s wellbeing because it helps reduce stress and it can also improve your health. Before taking this course, it was somewhat difficult for me to see the positive in many problems that I faced. Now that I have completed this course, I can now look back at situations in my life and manage them more appropriately.
I remember lacking mindfulness as a child and I would always like to do things my way and never take another persons feelings into consideration. For example, if I wanted a new game or any materialistic item, I would usually ask my father to buy it for me. Sometimes he would say yes and sometimes he would say no because he didn’t have the money. Whenever he would say no, I would always through a big tantrum because I was very upset that I couldn’t get what I wanted and I never took his point of view into consideration. Mindfulness is paying attention to one’s own ongoing experience in a way that allows openness and flexibility. It’s also being fully present and aware during our daily activities. When people are mindful they are open to new experiences and points of view, able to create new categories for information processing, and they pay attention to life process of their own lived experience as well as the outcomes or goal attainment. Mindfulness was something that I lacked in the past but now I consider myself to be very mindful; I always take peoples feelings into consideration when making a decision and I am also now very open and flexible.
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...y emotion. You cant live life in the “what if’s”; hope gives us courage and faith—the ability to dream and see true happiness.
All of the theories/concepts discussed in this paper have helped to change the course of my life in a very positive way. Being mindful has taught me to be more open to new experiences and points of view; being religious helped me cope with many negative situations in my life; using Fredrickson’s undoing hypothesis taught me how to think positive in negative situations; having flow taught me how to be more focused; having time affluence taught me how to value the more important things in life over money; and having hope keeps my spirit up and prevents me from giving up on my goals. All these concepts/theories are very important towards positive living and they have definitely helped me deal with many situations in a more positive manner.
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