Hypertension ( Htn ) As High Blood Pressure Essay

Hypertension ( Htn ) As High Blood Pressure Essay

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Hypertension (HTN) also known as high blood pressure is a very common medical condition that occurs when the force of blood that is flowing through the arteries exert high pressure on the artery’s walls due to the narrowing or resistance within the arteries. High blood pressure is considered as a significant medical problem due to its risk of causing heart diseases and stroke (Mayo Clinic, 2016). According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 2015 report, about one out of three American adults are affected by hypertension. This accounts to about 70 million or 29% of the adult population (CDC, 2015).
Even though hypertension has been identified as a chronic problem, treatment towards this ailment is not seriously focused on the primary care side of the disease. The internal medicine clinic where I work has observed that hypertensive treatments for adults are either delayed or treatment choices are not made appropriately. According to a recent peer review of twenty randomly ,selected patients, the chart revealed that only 45% of the hypertensive patients’ care is in compliance with the JNC 8 hypertensive management guidelines. Besides that, among those 20 charts, 15% of the clients have developed hyperkalemia at least once during a three months period and 10% have chronic kidney disease. The Eighth Joint National Committee (JNC 8) has released new guidelines to direct timely and appropriate care for the hypertensive clients to alleviate unforeseen effects of sustained hypertension. Therefore, I have chosen this project to revise the existing HTN protocol in my workplace and direct the care according to JNC 8 guidelines.

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Uncontrolled HTN can lead to heart di...

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...s also show that adults aged 65 years or older have a higher occurrence than other age groups. People who lived in Houston also have more incidents compared to people who live in other cities of Texas. Houston is a diverse city with 60% of its population consisting of Hispanics, Latinos, African Americans and Asians. Among all these racial groups, African Americans have the highest prevalence of hypertension compared to others (Texas State Department of Health Services, 2013). Hypertensive heart disease is the number one cause of death associated with hypertension. It is extremely mandated by national, state and local health departments to control the morbidity and mortality associated with this illness. Therefore, I will try to control hypertension in a local level to be compliant with national guideline, reflect the healthcare and cause a change to our community.

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