Hybrid Cars: A Blessing or a Curse? Essay

Hybrid Cars: A Blessing or a Curse? Essay

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Hybrid cars is a curse or a blessing
I have always been interested in cars. Since my childhood I had the wish to know the mechanism of how cars work; so that I can build my own cars and eventually create and design my own brand. Due to the new revolution in car industry my interest in cars has gone even higher than before because these new revolution cars are environment friendly. This new revolution has been brought to the car industry by the introduction of hybrid cars because of the high fuel consumption and the increasing pollution; this is the best alternative despite the low performance and high maintenance cost, hybrid cars will overtake the conventional cars soon.
Hybrid cars are the transportation of the future. A hybrid vehicle is a vehicle that uses two or more distinct power sources to move the vehicle. Humans have been driving around since the 1880’s. From fuel-efficient coupes, to gas guzzling SUVs, or even the mega-expensive supercars, all use gasoline. Gasoline is the main factor that either makes or breaks the sale of a car. These hybrid cars are environmental friendly and may save some pennies in the pocket but still expensive to buy.
There are four types of hybrid cars. The first hybrid car in the list is Parallel hybrid car and series hybrid car. A parallel hybrid car uses both the engine and the electric motor to power the wheels. In a parallel hybrid, the gasoline engine and electric motor work together in parallel to generate the power in the vehicle to move forward. The second hybrid car in the list is a series hybrid car, the electric motor in the does all the work of generating power in the vehicle. While a series hybrid car does have a gasoline powered engine, but the engine does not have a direct conn...

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...ill be able to retrieve much more benefit of your investment on a hybrid rather than a gasoline powered engine car.
The important feature of a hybrid car is when it comes to a dead stop. Until this era, the normal cars where designed in a way in which they gained momentum and energy when they accelerate but when they come to a stop they lose all the momentum and energy. Which makes gasoline powered engine cars less efficient on fuel consumption and more harmful to the environment because now they will produce more harmful gases. This problem has been fixed by the engineers who designed the hybrid cars. When hybrid car comes to a stop it regains its energy which it lost when it was accelerating; this makes the car more efficient then gasoline powered engine car. The braking system in hybrid car recharges the battery which is a great or best thing to have in a car.

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