Human Trafficking : We Must Protect The Vulnerable Essay

Human Trafficking : We Must Protect The Vulnerable Essay

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Human Trafficking: We Must Protect the Vulnerable
Slavery can date back to the 7th century BC in Sparta and Athens Greece those states depended mostly on forced labor. Slavery here in America began in 1619 when the first African slaves were brought to Virginia. They served in the production of lucrative crops like tobacco. Slavery was practiced in America throughout the 17th and 18th centuries. The first movement to ban human trafficking from the transatlantic was passed through the British parliament in 1833. More than 180 years ago and now most of the countries have banned slavery. However many people remain enslaved. Human Trafficking can be defined as the trade of people that are engaged in forced labor for others at a cheap cost or even free. Human trafficking is a modern day form of slavery involving the illegal trade of people for exploitation. It is estimated that human trafficking generates billions of dollars per year, second to drug trafficking. Children are the most vulnerable having to do hard labor, drug dealing, pornography and even prostitution. Child trafficking must be stopped in order to protect the children, because they should not be treated like animals forced to do labor against their will.
According to The United Nations in 2013 there was 21 million victims worldwide forced into labor. From those 21 million there was an estimated 5.5 million (about 26 percent of the 21 million) children under the age of 18 trafficked for sexual exploitation or forced into labor (UN). These numbers are alarming, about two million more than the estimated population of Los Angeles in 2015. 5.5 million children under the age of 18 almost the population of the city of Long Beach. That is a large amount of children been exploite...

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...d States of America provides a plan for responding to human trafficking. However it has not been implemented correctly and the traffickers are not apprehended or prosecuted. All governments should work together to put an end to human trafficking networks. Society must also work together to reduce the factors that can make human vulnerable to traffickers.
It is hard to imagine that, in the 21st century human beigns are being exploided and forced to work in the sex industry and other places against their will. Human trafficking is a horrible crime against the basic dignity and rights of the human person and all efforts must be expanded to end human trafficking. Community, state, country and church must work together to eliminate the causes and markets that permit trafficking to flourish. That way society will protect the vulnerable that can fall into human trafficking.

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