Argumentative Essay On Child Trafficking

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The “Land of the free” is not so free after all. Human trafficking is the third largest international crime industry after illegal drugs and arms trafficking . Human trafficking is like modern day slavery; it is defined as the loss of freedom to another 's control by force, fraud or coercion. The United States turns out to be the #1 destination for child sex trafficking. I chose this topic because it interested me the most out of all other topics. When finding a topic to do research on, none of the topics left me asking myself so many questions. The fact that i barely knew anything about human trafficking, made me realize that there might be many people out there that are like me. People who probably think that human trafficking rarely happens,…show more content…
The effect that trafficking has on their victims is the same effect that people have when they were raped, sexually harassed, etc. People who were trafficked tend to suffer from serious health problems including physical health, reproductive health and mental health problems. Mostly women but men too tend to go into physical exhaustion and become victims of unwanted touching, grabbing, oral sex, anal sex, etc. Mental wise the victim might have many emotional effects, severe stress and depression. Why does human trafficking exists? you may ask. Well i wouldn 't know how to answer that. The most brutal form of sex trafficking is the commercial exploitation of children. Little girls are raped and tortured to such an extent that their reproductive system is permanently damaged taking away their natural right to being a mother. The incidents of sexual exploitation among young boys are rarely heard of because of the complete failure on our part to acknowledge its existence which is mostly caused by the idea that there can never be male victims. The practice of bacha bazi in Afghanistan and launda nach in India, where boys dress up as girls and entertain men, provides a better perception into the world of male sex slavery and prostitution. Beside the fact that there are many religions that encourage this type of exploitation. There is also another type of trafficking or more like a better reason why there is many situations of human trafficking across the world. Not only is it for working purposes or sexual exploitations but also for selling different types of
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