Human Trafficking : The Fastest Growing Crime Worldwide Essay

Human Trafficking : The Fastest Growing Crime Worldwide Essay

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Human trafficking is deemed as the fastest growing crime worldwide. Illegal transport, transfer, and abduction of people have become common in most countries. Traffickers seem to always be on the lookout for potential victims because numbers in trafficking reports continue to increase every year. Despite efforts made by anti-trafficking organizations, corporations, and law enforcements, trafficking is still a significant problem being faced by our world today.
Numerous factors contribute to the creation of vulnerable groups of men, women, and children who can easily become targets of traffickers. These factors include unemployment, poverty, family struggles, sexual or physical violence, and the desire to achieve a better life. Unemployed workers, especially women, are an attraction to traffickers who hope to deceive them into taking on a certain job without actually knowing what this job truly has in store for them. Poverty also causes people to become vulnerable to trafficking. Being alone while carelessly wandering the streets, especially for unsupervised children, is merely a waiting call for a potential abduction. Complications and misunderstandings between family members, which could include physical violence, may result into runaways, who most likely then turn to immoral actions—such as prostitution or drug dealing—due to abuse or the feeling of neglect (Orlova). And in some cases, an individual might be fighting for survival and also turn to such actions to receive money in order to keep living. Many more factors come into play when it comes down to the causes of human trafficking, and it’s important to keep in mind that age, gender, or race does not play a role in an individual’s safety from being trafficked—anyone could ...

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...fforts by all people. It’s up to the public to create an ongoing, powerful effort that could save the rights, dignity, and security of thousands of men, women, and children. Spreading awareness may seem like such a small step, but it’s the fastest way to include more people in the effort. Little things such as fundraising money to support anti-trafficking groups, turning on alert systems, and spreading the National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC) hotline can definitely save potential victims. However, I do believe that the best way to combat and inhibit the growth of human trafficking is by providing support and funds to law enforcement and higher authorities who can implement stricter trafficking regulations and penalties against traffickers. Human trafficking is a serious growing issue, but with enough effort and awareness the people can stop this trend.

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