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Today in our society Human Trafficking is bigger than ever. Men, women, and children are being stolen and traded for sex and labor everyday. As a society we need to stand up and fight against the Traffickers. Human Trafficking needs to be brought to the attention of everyone. we as human beings need to implement a plan to stop trafficking of humans. In addition we need to provide help to people who have been trafficked. Finally it's important to inform every American and even more important to inform the leaders of our country about this awful crime.
There are many things I will address in section one of my paper on human trafficking. First, will be how human trafficking works. Next, will be Human trafficking in the United States of America. Finally human trafficking out of the United States. I will go more into depth about the history of human trafficking, statistics about human trafficking, and info to argue how human trafficking is so wrong.
In this paragraph I am going to tell you how human trafficking works. First the people who are trafficked are often those who are in debt or living in poverty. Traffickers exploit these types of situations, and trick these individuals into believing that they will sponsor them to get a good paying job somewhere abroad. Next, upon arrival to the destination, these individuals are often shocked to realize that they are not given the work that they were promised and instead, are forced to work in conditions that they did not agree to. Traffickers also take away passports and any other means of identification of these people so that the police will not be able to help them. Finally, victims are often told that they must now work until they pay back their debt, and can also be sold to va...

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... living conditions and are constant fear. Next form of human trafficking is, trafficking for forced labour. Victims of this equally widespread form of trafficking come primarily from developing countries. They are recruited and trafficked using deception. They find themselves held in conditions of slavery in a variety of jobs. Men, women, and children are engaged in agricultural and construction work, domestic servitude and other harsh jobs. The final most common form of human trafficking is commercial sexual exploitation of children and tourists. This crime type has been apparent in Asia for many years and has now taken hold in Africa as well as Central and South America. The growth of this is promoted by the growth of inexpensive air travel and the relatively low risk of prohibition and prosecution in these destinations for engaging in sexual relations with minors.
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