Human Rights And International Law Essay

Human Rights And International Law Essay

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Unit five evolved around Human Rights and International law. In Professor Huwitz`s article “ Lawyering for Justice and The Inevitability of International Human Rights Clinic”. She articulates over the questions of the readiness of the US legal profession to granted globalization and preparation of law school`s students to involve in the new global society meaningfully. She focuses on the pedagogical approach that enables students to assimilate the transitional dimension of legal practice.
Professor Hurwitz turns the readers` attention to the fact, that human rights clinics are inevitable and a good resource for information and response. She also clarifies that the target of the human right clinics is to train students to practice human rights defense in the global world.
What is interesting about international human rights clinics is that their role and education are associated in students` training to prepare them to become globalized lawyers. Human rights clinics select cases from projects to train students for various defense missions and help low-income people. Their legal aid authority is an intriguing and rigorous example of social justice implementation.
It is important to mention that selecting the appropriate cases which can benefit the law students remain a challenge because of certain factors such as geographical boundaries, population and other factors. Additionally, the vast global changes require the international human rights clinic with their law students to respond, stay on track and meet the law profession demands. The internationalizing of legal education happens through fitting the human rights international clinic within the human legal sphere.
It is important for international human rights lawyers to b...

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... for Wyoming too establish and operate a refugees settlement program, which will allow active engagement of the new comers to the society, add skills and experiences to the work force, additionally it can lead to new social relations and public acceptance. Wyoming cannot live in a closed shell, as there is a need to interact and meet new people to keep track of the events in the word and progress efficiently and effectively.
Wyoming has good potentials to receive refuges with low population, educational opportunities and work force. I believe a well-planned and implemented refugee settlement program can be successful and intriguing. It can also contribute to the state`s growth and prosperity.
Overall, this lecture was very interesting and enlightening as I gained new information about human rights, International human rights clinics and refuges status in Wyoming.

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