Human Rights In Ethiopia Essay

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Freedom of expression, association, and assembly are all taken for granted in America, but in Ethiopia, these basic rights are denied and restricted; and the end result of trying to fight for it is arbitrary arrests, detentions, and beatings from the Ethiopian authorities. Almost all of the human rights groups have been removed and a number of organizations have been closed entirely. More journalists have fled Ethiopia than any other country due to the threats and intimidation. This violation of basic human rights should not be tolerated and is important because it is causing innocent people to receive beatings and be arrested, for having their own thoughts; they are also fleeing the country just due to fear. I believe people should not be scared to speak their mind or state their opinion without concern of being targeted. John Kerry, an American politician and current Secretary of State, is pushing hard to advance peace and democracy in Ethiopia. He has made a great impact in the country through continued repression. He strongly urges the Ethiopian government to end arbitrary arrests, release all activists and journalists who are unjustly detained or convicted, and to promptly amend the draconian laws on freedom of association and terrorism that have frequently been used to justify arbitrary arrests and political prosecutions. He has met with Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn and Foreign Minister Tedros Adhanom for these discussions over trying to transition into a democracy and to grant the Ethiopian people the basic human rights that they deserve. < Secretary Kerry says the threat of violence or all-out war "prevent even the first shoots of prosperity from emerging." But he says Africans today have an opportu... ... middle of paper ... ...Ethiopia. Protest organizations have been created, and are still being created, but they’re highly censored and most people fear starting one due to being jailed. < “The security forces responded to protests by the Muslim community in Oromia and Addis Ababa, the capital, with arbitrary arrests, detentions, and beatings”. There needs to be a peace treaty or “amendment” placed in the government that emphasizes the importance of free speech and how citizens will not be targeted or arrested when they do speak their mind. If this were to be placed and followed, the Ethiopian people would be able to speak their minds without having to worry about anything happening to them or to their loves one. This solution will not be the easiest, but once in place it’ll have the biggest effect out of all the solutions.

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