International Law Importance

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The international law is the fundamental basis of sovereignty and equality of all states. It promotes peace, order, and justice to the international society. The effectiveness of the international law is also anchored to the international community whether they will follow or not. It is important that international community has rules and obligation to follow in order to prevent chaos in the society. The development of international law led to the understanding of different policies and sanctions for the states. It deals with conflict of the states to relieve destructive conflict. The international law is agreed upon by the international community but there is no enforcing body unlike in the domestic law. State has been relying to treaties and international agreements for the prevention of war. “Hobbes is famous for his early and elaborate development of what has come to be known as “social contract theory”, the method of justifying political principles…show more content…
The international law is influential when it also favors the strongest country, but those powerful states are also often the source of law. Most of the developing countries lack the power and incapable to retaliate effectively. In international law there is still power behind it that each state has its own self-interest in the international community. Certainly, the international law is mostly based on the Western notion. Most of the Western countries are the compliant of international law especially on human rights. However, the widespread acceptance of international law is a visible sign that it is not precisely based on Western. Each state has its own ability and freedom to exercise their sovereignty. With this status it is easy for the states to execute their own interest and neglect the regulation and sanctions created by international community like United
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