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As Mohawk continues to grow domestically and broaden globally the company will become more diverse, employees will possess different views of what is considered acceptable behavior in the workplace and this will undoubtedly create ethical conflicts. Mohawk has established a Code of Conduct to help guide employees in their decision making, promote high standards on the job, create a set of benchmarks to evaluate performance and strengthen the company's identity. A Code of Conduct can also provide guidance for acceptable behavior but does not necessarily address the company’s broad principles and aspirations, and it will be an individual’s own personal set of beliefs and values that will help them adhere to a Code of Ethics whether it is formal or not. There may be times when new employees will need to be taught workplace ethics so that when questionable circumstances are presented, they will not be left alone to make the decisions, but at the very least have a guide.
The term human resource has two meanings the first definition applies to the actual individuals who make up the workforce of Mohawk, or any other company. Such as it is, these individuals must be managed, hence, the second definition of Human Resources. It is also the name of the function within an organization charged with the overall responsibility for implementing strategies and policies. Performance management must have a blueprint, created by Human Resources professionals. The blueprint must first identify leaders within the company that are ethical. The blueprint must require those in leadership positions to be accountable for their behavior (set the examples). It must also integrate the ethical elements of leadership into all leadership training and developme...

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...nicated so that employees are not left to face ethical dilemmas without guidance.
Creating and enforcing a Code of Ethics has supported Mohawk leaders as they model the company’s desired behavior. Additionally, the Code has established the ethical expectations for employees; whether the issue is sexual harassment, discriminatory issues or a breach of confidentiality, how these issues are handled will not only sets the tone and expectations around standards of behavior but has also set forth the mechanisms for enforcement and consequences of noncompliance. Moreover, if the Code is continually adhered to, the company’s reputation will remain strong and intact; this is particularly true during times of economical hardships within the company. As Human Resource professionals, the events that are important to you will illustrate what is considered acceptable behavior.

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