The Human Race And Health Issues, Murder, And / Or Suicide? Essay

The Human Race And Health Issues, Murder, And / Or Suicide? Essay

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Humans are born to live a long and happy life, but not all humans live that long life due to health issues, murder, and/or suicide. We can’t help some of the health issues that cause us to die like cancer, diabetes, heart problems, and anything else imaginable. When you read the word “diabetes” did you think of someone that is overweight? Our human race is very quick to judge that everyone thinks that when someone has diabetes they are automatically overweight. People don’t realized it at the time, but no matter whether people are overweight, the richest person in the world, or the hottest supermodel on television we all end up in the same place, buried somewhere in a cemetery. Judgment will always be around to pressure people into changing themselves in moral ways and in immoral ways, as long as the person is judgment free they can finally be happy.
The world is full of judgmental people. They might be judging other people to make themselves feel better. Like I mentioned earlier, when someone has diabetes we are quick to judge in saying that they are overweight or even obese, but then again that’s not always true. When someone thinks of a runway model they are quick to judge and say, “I bet she makes herself puke to appear like that.” Models are most women’s idols, they want to be just like them and look exactly like them since they seem to be normal. Being skinny is the social norm, being too skinny leads to being judged, and not being skinny is socially unacceptable. Judgement can be a way to become people to have a healthier and/or better life in general. Having that constructive criticism could be a positive push for some people. From the essay “Cruelty, Civility, and Other Weighty Matters,” Ann Marie Paulin states that, “Va...

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...even if you don’t think it is right in your mind it could be right in theirs and with that one compliment it could change their whole day. Being that judgement-free-person they might be able to die blissful. Once those who stop judging realize that they aren’t different from the person, to whom they are judging, will realize that we all end up in the same place. Whether or not the head stone is different or if they had a proper funeral. Everyone is different, and you can’t change that. People don’t realize that once they’re dead, they’re done for good. If they were the person judging others that’s what they’re going to be leaving once they’re gone. The person being judged will die in peace, being away from all of the people who were judging them. People should change themselves to who they want to be, not who other people want to be, to live a long and cheerful life.

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