Tess of the D'Urbervilles by THomas Hardy

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Tess of the D'Urbervilles is a movie based on a novel by Thomas Hardy. The story involves a young girl named Tess who will be the victim, the prey, and sometimes the lover of many men. She will go through this without ever understanding what it is that those men want of her.

The first man in her life is her father, whose name is John Durbeyfield. He was a drunken farmer. John discovers from the local parson that he is related to the noble local family of d'Urbervilles. After finding out this information, the farmer and his wife immediately send their beautiful daughter, Tess, off to meet and introduce the d'Urbervilles and if everything works out win a position in their household.

Tess is almost immediately seduced by one of her cousins. She became pregnant, but her child dies soon after it is born. She never tells the cousin that their child has died. But later, after she falls in love with the son of a local minister and marries him, she confesses her past. This is to much for her new husband to deal with. He "married down" because he was attracted to Tess's humble origins. Back then, men married down to lower classes if the women was beautiful because it would make the man look good. Obviously women were not well respected. But he is not prepared to accept the reality of her past. He leaves on a bizarre mission to South America.

While he is on his mission to South America, Tess has to do rough manual labor for a few pennies an hour. She is eventually reunited with her cousin, who is not a complete bastard. She complains that he should have been informed of her pregnancy. She becomes his lover. Then her new husband returns, and the physical and psychic contest for Tess ends in tragedy.

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One truth we learn about human nature is that men often use women for there looks because thats the only thing that attracts them. As soon as the women lose their beauty, or if the beauty comes with to much baggage then the men back out leaving the women hurt.

Another truth we learn about human nature is that people are so quick to judge someone without getting to know them. An example is in high school classes when a student might ask a question that everyone already knows he/she can be labeled as stupid or slow. Maybe the kid wasn't paying attention or maybe they need to be taught in a different way.

The final truth we learn about human nature is from the past and how badly women were treated back then. Women had no rights and basically had to worship the ground their husband's walked on.
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