Human Nature : Humans And Humans Essay

Human Nature : Humans And Humans Essay

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In order to say that humanity is a cohesive species there needs to be more tying it together then simply biology. There needs to be a common core among the species as a whole. This common core defines the way that the species behaves, what motivates them, how they feel, and their characteristics. This commonality among humans is known as human nature. Throughout this paper I will discuss what human nature is, what it means to go against human nature, and whether a common human nature actually exists.
The textbook defines human nature as “the common core to the human experience”. This vague statement is merely an overview of what human nature is. It refers to the fact that human nature is a commonality between all humans that unites human life and makes a common “human experience”. Human nature refers to all things believed to be shared by all of humanity including but not limited to behaviors, feelings, and psychological characteristics. Human nature refers to all things that unite humanity as a singular cohesive species. Human nature, although not universally accepted to exist, is discovered by one through reason, meaning that it discovered by one through the analysis and interpretation of what is good and moral beliefs.
Human nature appears in many different forms throughout our society. Aspects of human nature range from small details of human life to large intrinsic instincts that dictate how we act in a given situation. One specific example of human nature is the way in which we obtain our sustenance. In comparison to other species humans are very peculiar in our feeding behaviors. It is the norm for us to assemble meals and cook our food. Neither of these habits are displayed by other species. Furthermore, humans come togeth...

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...eved to be human nature. This would solve the problem of if there is a common core to all of humanity how is it possible for one to defy it. If the common core does not exist then there is nothing to defy.
In sum, human nature is the common core that unites all of humanity together to form one, cohesive species. It is displayed throughout all of society in a variety of ways, from the way we eat, to the way we strive to protect life. To go against human nature is to interfere with the natural behaviors, characteristics, or feelings of oneself or another human. Some philosophers argue that human nature does not exist, but that we make our own nature. Further exploration of this topic may lead you to research on different philosophies concerning human nature, its impact on relationships and behaviors, and how to defy it in a way that is not perceived as morally wrong.

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