How the Natural Human Leaning Process Can Help You Learn

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Do you ever have trouble learning a new skill? If so then you should become familiar with the “Natural Human Learning Process (NHLP),” which can help you understand how the brain learns through stages, and how emotions effect learning. If you take the time to learn and use NHLP, then mastering a new skill will be easy. In order to use The Natural Human Learning Process you must first know what it is. The “Natural Human Learning Process” is a research project by Dr. Rita Smilkstein. She ascertained that all humans learn by going through the same six stages (called NHLP). The first stage is “motivation.” In order to learn something new, one must be motivated to put in the effort. Motivation could be anything from money to social status. The second stage is “beginning practice.” This is the trial and error stage; you’re just getting introduced to your new skill. You’re just getting the basics. The third stage is “advanced practice.” In this stage you still aren’t good in your skill, but you’re on the right track. The fourth stage is “skillfulness.” You are starting to get the hang of your new skill, starting to see progress, and you’re gaining confidence. The fifth stage is “Refinement.” You have the basics of the skill down, but you’re still improving and expanding your ability. The sixth stage is “mastery.” At this stage you’re ready to teach, you did it! (Smilkstein) Now that you know what the NHLP is, how do you use it? While learning to drive, I used NHLP: Stage one “motivation.” My motivation was freedom; I didn’t want to depend on my parents for a ride any more. I wanted to be able to come and go whenever I like. After I found my motivation I went on to stage two “beginning practice.” I started with driving through an emp... ... middle of paper ... ...t essay, not that I have another part to write. I will also use this knowledge at work or anytime I learning something new. If I start to feel distracted or frustrated when learning something new, I will take a break from learning until I calm down, so my body can make endorphins. NHLP is like a guide to learning. If you know all of the six parts of the NHLP, and about dendrites and know how emotions affect the learning process, then learning a new skill should be easy, or at the very least easy compared to learning the same skill if you didn’t know NHLP. It already has and is going to make my college homework easier. Works Cited Smilkstein, Rita. We're Born to Learn: Using the Brain's Natural Learning Process to Create Today's Curriculum. Thousand Oaks, Cal. Corwin Press, 2003. .

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