How Poor Employee Attendance Drags Profit Down Essay examples

How Poor Employee Attendance Drags Profit Down Essay examples

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How Poor Employee Attendance Drags Profit Down - and How to Fix It
Statistics has shown that the level of absenteeism has risen significantly over the last year, costing American companies lose substantial amount of money every year. According OnForce, Inc a leading career searching firm, absenteeism at the workplace means much more a direct cost to the employees account, because it involves effects than can ripple through the organization such as high employee turnover, compromise quality, lead to loss of performance and productivity. To counter this growing problem it is incumbent for companies, especially the Human resource departments to come up with solutions that begin by looking into the causes. Companies should also look closely the losses caused by absenteeism while working out strategies of improving employee morale and working culture.

Consequences of poor employee attendance
Poor employee attendance cost companies millions of dollars every year; the worst thing is a big portion of the absenteeism are not genuine. Research has shown that between; 1/3 to 2/3 of all claims of illness, for lost work days are disingenuous. In addition, half of the days taken off are spent other matters other than illness. This matter translates to two out of every three employees. The resulting effect of absenteeism is companies losing money and the tightening of the loopholes employees use as excuses including genuine forgivable excuses.

Reasons Causing Absenteeism
There are many reason advanced for growing cases of casual absenteeism, which started in the early nineties. Chief among these reasons is workplace boredom and low morale. The trend started when employers began issuing voluntary overtime; however, the trend took a bad turn whe...

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...cares about their fate.

3. Place high value on time
Employees should know and appreciate the true value of time and being punctuality at work. They should know that attendance and absence from work can directly affect their productivity and that of their peers.

HR departments together with HR outsourcing firms have a bigger stake in developing deeper understanding on what cause poor employees attendance and how to stem it in order to save cost and improve productivity in order to enhance a company’s bottom line. These firms can achieve their objectives easily by addressing employee issues and creating prudent time keeping strategies. Employers can also review how the jobs are structured in order to challenge and motivate employees. The other strategies include recognizing workplace talents and recognizing perceived employees entitlements such as pay and benefits.

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