How I Started Playing Competitive Soccer Essay

How I Started Playing Competitive Soccer Essay

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“Hard work is the key to success,” is something I heard from my dad almost every day during my child hood. Growing up with a single dad was really the first introduction I had to how important it is to be hard working. During the day he worked. After he got home he cleaned the house, helped with homework, made dinner, and somehow managed to never miss any of our extracurricular activities. Once he put everyone to bed he started on his school work. He would attend late night classes, and sometimes stay up past three just to finish his homework. He did this for seven years to earn his associate’s and bachelor’s degree. I was constantly reminded by him of the importance of hard work, but I never truly understood the meaning of what it is to be hard working
I was five years old when I first fell in love. From the moment I kicked my first soccer ball I knew it would be a part of my life forever. I started playing competitive soccer when I was ten years old. My team traveled all over the state and after becoming the best in the state we started traveling for tournaments across the country. I worked hard to be the best on the team, and eventually was elected team captain. I was sure that when high school tryouts came around that I would immediately land a starting spot.
My freshman year of high school my dreams were crushed when I looked for the results of the soccer tryouts and my name was not on the list, but that didn’t stop me. For the next year I worked harder than anyone I knew to improve my skills in every aspect, and when tryouts for my sophomore year came around, it had paid off. Once I made the team, I felt that I had done everything I needed to do, so I started slacking off. I had forgotten that without hard work I would not ...

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...en accepted to attend The University of Oklahoma.’
I don’t want to stop there. I am currently working towards graduating in four yeares and then continuing on to medical school. It will take more hard work than I have ever experienced, but in the end it will bring me the success I strive for. Hard work is trying your hardest at something and not stopping once you receive it. It is doing something that may not be ideal but eventually bring you success. Hard work is not easy. It takes a large amount of time commitment in order to gain success from the hard work. To me, this time commitment is a large part of what it means to be hardworking. Through my failures and successes and the support and good example of my dad, I have learned this true meaning and importance of hard work. Over time it has, and will continue to become, one of the most important values in my life.

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