How I Really Nervous About Doing This First Practice Recording Essay

How I Really Nervous About Doing This First Practice Recording Essay

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I was really nervous about doing this first practice recording. While I knew how I wanted to start the conversation, I was stressed out about the unknown that comes along with these sessions. I am constantly listening to my friends talk, but how I had to respond for the counseling session was very different than what I am typically used to. I usually give my friends my opinions and advice on how I would handle the situation. It was hard for me to just sit back and let my classmate talk. I wanted to respond to many of her statements, but I had to take a step back and really just listen. In these types of counseling sessions my thoughts and opinions are not important. Rather, the focus should only be on the person you are counseling.
As a whole, I think that my partner was comfortable talking to me, just as I was comfortable talking to her. While the whole process was slightly awkward for everyone, I think that she felt comfortable opening up to me. I think that a lot of that comfort came from the knowledge that everyone in the class was going to have to do the same thing. In addition...

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