How I Have Accomplished Many Feats Of My Years As A High Schooler Essay

How I Have Accomplished Many Feats Of My Years As A High Schooler Essay

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I have accomplished many feats in my years as a high schooler. I have been accepted to my number one college West Chester, I was accepted into the club Link Crew in my high school, I became a tutor in the club SHS, and I am the captain of the Track Team. I was accepted into West Chester in October 2015 and I declared my acceptance the month after. I worked very hard to get accepted into West Chester by working hard in school and getting good grades that would make me an ideal student at the school. I have been taking honors classes in every subject but English and I am currently taking three AP classes: AP Government and Politics, AP Calculus, and AP Physics. I am also certified in Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Excel. Link Crew is a club at PV that is full of upcoming Juniors and Seniors. To get accepted into Link Crew you must complete an essay of why you would like to be part of the club and have an interview with one of the teachers who are in charge of the club and several other current members of the club. The main goal of Link Crew is to welcome the upcoming freshmen and make sure that their transition into the high school is not a scary one. Each member of Link Crew is paired with another member that is younger or older than them, Juniors are paired with Seniors and Seniors are paired with Juniors. Link Crew members go through many trainings before orientation to be prepared for it and make it the best experience for the freshmen. At orientation each pair of Link Leaders is given eight to ten freshmen that they are in charge of for the day and the year. They do many different fun activities throughout the day to make the freshmen feel more welcome and less scared of coming to the high school. After orientation the Link Cr...

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...ce a newbie that they will do well in an event and get them to run it and they come back to me and tell me how well they did. It makes me so happy when someone has confidence in themselves and does well in an event. Another thing that makes me really happy is seeing someone on the track team, no matter what grade they are, accomplish their goal. Whether that goal be to run a good time or jump a certain distance.It makes me happy because I think they deserve that accomplishment after all of the hard work that they have put in. Seeing people improve and slowly get better is what inspires me to work harder and get better myself and continue to be a member of the track team and the captain. Of all the volunteer work I do and all of the clubs that I am in school I get joy by just being a part of them and seeing the little or big accomplishments of the people I am helping.

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