How I Became The Person I Am Essay

How I Became The Person I Am Essay

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When I think about how I became the person I am, all I can think about is where I am from; where my roots lie; what really has shaped me to the kind of person I am today; my hometown of Brownsville, Texas. Unlike every other city in Texas, the vibe that comes from my town cannot be compared to any other in the whole state, which is mainly due to the demographics. Less than 5% of all the population of Brownsville are non-Hispanic, and it is definitely not known for being a wealthiest city in Texas; which gave me a distinctive feel for the area and the people all around me.
The people of Brownsville are what let me see life in a whole new light. I see a lot of people that never leave the city. I have seen so many families that barely make ends meet, and go on to live their whole life like this. Some people say the world does not revolve around money, and the people who say that probably have never known what it means to barely put food on the table every day. Being from this town has brought me realization that I now have the ability to make something great out of my life by furthering my education to get a job of my choice one day where I won’t have to struggle for my family. In Brownsville I have learn that it is all about saving every penny and making sure I am smart of my own earned money. To put it another way, I feel the majority of people appreciate everything that they work for and always make the best out of what they have, even though it may not be much. Working at a supermarket for about a year gives me the credibly to talk about a large majority of people how live life with this mentality. My own family can vouch for this because I have seen the times that my parents were struggling to pay bills or put food on the tabl...

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... not make all A’s. By the last two years of my high school they expected me to be getting all A’s and seemed disappointed when I didn’t get them all. Never anger or mean about it, they just expected much more out of me, that’s how it has been all my life, and that’s how it will always be.
Trying to just point out something else that has made me who I am, I feel like I have always been wise. With my groups of friends for as long as I can remember I have always been the smartest one, or the one that knows the right thing to do the best way possible. I even make pointless mistakes that and have found to be myself to be extremely creative along the way. Trying to characterize myself is a difficult process, but I feel like I touched on most of the main points that make me how I am right now, and I am sure I will continue to change as I grow older and experience more.

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