How Groupon Uses the Cloud to Scale Its Business Essay

How Groupon Uses the Cloud to Scale Its Business Essay

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Look around you, technology is surrounding you in everything that goes on in life. Some people do not enjoy this, but most of us do, and some businesses use this to their advantage. I am doing my research paper on how Groupon (which is a deal-of-the-day service) uses information technology to conduct everyday business. This company runs off of information technology, so I want to talk about every side of it. This includes how they manage their customer and merchant relationships, how they use the cloud to scale its business and what kind of security they use. This topic and subtopics relates very closely to this information technology course, since Groupon is an online deal company that uses information technology in its day-to-day functions. I have done some research on which subtopics I want to talk about in the paper. One subtopic I want to talk about is how they direct each customer to what they are attracted to. They have a very smart website designed just for this. One other subtopic I want to talk about is how they keep up with the computing and network infrastructure they need to manage their growing business.
First, let’s talk about how Groupon manages their customer and merchant relationships using information technology. Groupon is basically the middleman between merchants and customers. In the beginning, they bring customers in by marketing their deal of the day business. Once a customer is on their website it is hard not to leave from their without a deal. When joining the website, it asks you some questions to get to know your preferences and where you are located. After the customer signs up for the website, Groupon sends out emails to the subscribers. The emails are targeted to where that individual customer live...

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