Essay about How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Essay about How Great Leaders Inspire Action

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How Great Leaders Inspire Action
I thought the video lecture from Simon Sinek and his personal perspectives and formula to lead and to motivate others was very interesting. Sinek presented a simple but powerful model for inspirational leadership all starting with the question, “Why?” After watching this TED TV presentation, I wholeheartedly agree with what Simon Sinek has suggested and his assessment in the power of why and its beneficial uses in leadership. Furthermore, I though his examples of Apple, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Wright Brothers clearly illustrated the benefits in “starting with why”.
In my opinion, communicating to individuals, groups, teams, and organizations is always more effective if your audience understands “why”. As I reflected upon my own experiences, I detail my rationale into three segments: identification, organizational influence and leadership.
I believe that by telling people within an organization the “why” (i.e. vision, purpose, values, and beliefs) it motivates and aligns us to a common goal and understanding. Just as we connect with people of similar heritage, it is our ability to communicate our beliefs and values, which provide us with a common, thread each group member bonds. For me, a powerful example of identification is in non-profit charities. However, different individual members maybe they feel part of a community in that organization (i.e. American Cancer Society). In addition, I think through our connections and bonds we develop security in the fact that we are not alone in a situation. For example, as a member of the American Cancer Society I know this group of individuals who are currently or previously have gone through similar situations, which...

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...d other to join in her cause. Additionally, her purpose became the foundation of her organization, which has spread into 133 countries. In addition, we have witnessed throughout history, the power of inspiration because individuals understood the vision or purpose. For example, in his 1961 Inaugural address President John F. Kennedy shared his vision of space exploration, not in terms of results but why this cause was important to not only for himself but for everyone. Like Sinek suggest, with whom I agree, a leader, does not have to grand speeches or be the smartest in the room but most importantly they have a vision (the why). Because nothing happens until it happens in someone’s mind first. From that point all of the other details are filled in, which includes the strategies to fulfill the vision.
These are the reasons I think that we should start with Why.

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