How Education Should Be Resolved By Public Education Essay

How Education Should Be Resolved By Public Education Essay

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Just as a caterpillar changes into a complex and beautiful butterfly over time, education too is evolving and changing into something completely different than the “3 R’s” of the past. How education should evolve is a highly disputed topic. Although there appear to be many solutions these solutions often have many flaws. There has yet to be a single solution to solve this dilemma. Even though their perspectives on education differ, Brian D. Ray and Rachel S. Cox seek to tackle this issue in their respective articles, “Does Home Schooling Promote the Public Good?” and “The Home School Debate.” Ray is biased toward home-schooling being the solution to the ails of public education and believes that education issues can be resolved by encouraging more home schooling. Cox on the other hand, views home schooling as the cause of the crumble in democratic public schooling and believes that that further restrictions on home schooling would benefit public education quality. After analyzing both articles, three concrete benefits of this educational evolution appear evident from both authors: that education is still an important aspect of life, having well educated civically involved people benefits the needs of society, and that changes to education will benefit the public good.
In the article, “Does Home Schooling Promote the Public Good?,” Brian D. Ray, President of the National Home Education Research Institute, argues that whether or not homeschooling benefits the public good is determined by three main factors. These factors include: allowing parents to be in control of their child’s education, preventing corruption through alternatives to governmentally funded public education, and instilling good values and principles. Allow...

... middle of paper ... are benefits to both sides of the debate. Home schooled children appear to succeed in society and public schools help to assist those from different socioeconomic backgrounds. The ultimate compromise is to learn from each argument’s strengths and weaknesses to create another answer to this problem. This is the best solution for education and overall the public good. While both authors Ray and Cox have differing view, their focus on education, educating citizens on their civic duties, and the need for changes to education in general are apparent. As education evolves into its beautiful butterfly stage, there will be struggles to break free from its encapsulating cocoon. Changes are growth are an uncomfortable process and not everyone can see the image or the final destination. The struggles, however, will be worth it as it changes and emerges benefitting society.

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