How E-learning can be useful and successful in professional life Essay

How E-learning can be useful and successful in professional life Essay

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E-learning is usually delivered, enabled or mediated by the use of electronic technology. The explicit purpose of e-learning is training, learning or even development within the organization. Owing to advancement in technology and the popularity of Internet, it has become possible to conduct education virtually. The instructor and the learner can interact virtually so that the learner gets information and instruction delivered by the instructor via the Internet. There are several advantages associated with e-learning for organizations and individuals. Over the recent past, e-learning has experienced rapid progression whereby it encompasses a wide range of formal course based e-learning packages as well as its products. There are varieties of complementary or alternative e-learning techniques that include sharing knowledge or even links that help learners to access resources through social, as well as interactive media (Yuhui, 2014, p. 189). E-learning is advantageous in various such as flexibility, lower costs of training and new educational approaches among others. This paper addresses e-learning by considering its usefulness and success in professional life. It will highlight the advantages and the significance of e- learning by comparing arguments made by different scholars of the subject.
Many authors have made significant arguments regarding the usefulness of e-learning by highlighting how it can be useful and how it can be successful in professional life. In their article, Yuhui Huang & Hongxin Liu (2014) argues that developments in Internet technologies have led organizations to invest larger resources in the e-learning system. They highlight distinct advantages that are associated with e-learning including flexibility of t...

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...the professional life of employees successful in distinct ways.

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