Essay on How Do We Remember the Holocaust Today?

Essay on How Do We Remember the Holocaust Today?

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The Holocaust is considered the largest genocide of our entire world, killing more than 600,000,000 Jewish people during the years of 1933-1945. The memories and history that have filled our lives that occurred during the Holocaust are constantly remembered around the world. Many populations today “think” that constant reminders allow for us to become informed and help diminish the hatred for other races still today. These scholars believe that by remembering the Holocaust, you are able to become knowledgeable and learn how to help prevent this from happening again. Since the Holocaust in a sense impacted the entire human race and history of the world, there are traces of the Holocaust all across our culture today. As I continue to remember the victims of this tragic time period I think of all the ways that our world remembers the Holocaust in today’s society. Through spreading the word, works of media and memorials across the world, I am continually reminded of the tragedy that occurred.
Despite the fact that the Holocaust is remembered across the world, many people think that it should not be. Some say remembering the Holocaust only allows for people “to rehash and explain the atrocities that happened decades ago, relive it, even be entertained by it in film or documentary. All of these serve as ‘reminders.’ But these reminders have us looking backwards, and we miss what's going on around us” (Why "Remembering" the Holocaust Does More Harm Than Good). They think remembering the tragic events that occurred, forces people to exhibit the hatred and Anti-Semitism that still exist today. By exhibiting this hatred they suppose that it will bring the negative energy back into the world. Others believe that focusing on the tragedy ...

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