How Culture Can Be Both An Asset And A Liability Essay

How Culture Can Be Both An Asset And A Liability Essay

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“Culture can be both an asset and a liability to an organisation”

Notes : Point, explanation, evidence, reference. for each argument.

Culture is the shared principles and traditions that influence the ways its member perform. Culture within a business organisation can be the difference between a good and a great company, this essay will discuss both positives and negatives of a strong culture then make a final decision on each aspect. The topics that will be covered in this essay are; Consistency or Inertia?, Strong company or flexible company? Easier hiring practices or dangerous homogeneity? Employee growth or over dependency?

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In a nutshell, the most prominent asset of organisational culture is employee unity, this means the culture aids and dictates how employees coexist with each other and with their customers. Attributes of a positive organisational culture would include; mutual respect, politeness, conflict resolution and team building. The result of these attributes contribute to producing a harmonious working environment by providing guidelines/regulation to societal interaction between individual workers. Naturally, the societal environment heavily influences the productivity of workers through consistent expectations and morale. Consistent expectations influence customer interactions because they send a strong message to each employee that things are done a certain way in their organisation. Morale is a key influencer in productivity, if employees are unhappy, feel unfulfilled or are unmotivated, productivity falls in most cases. All these factors contribute to a consistently functioning organisation.

(find case study about PC culture: sexual harassment)
Inversely, this consistency can also act as a l...

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...n culture can be an asset and liability simultaneously. Culture can unify operations within an organisation causing synergy but it can also act as a barrier to change due to inertia. In terms of recruitment, culture reduces ambiguity by providing a set criteria to follow for successful hires, this in turn could lead to an employee base being too homogenous which blocks the organisation’s ability to perceive multiple viewpoints. Culture can promote employee growth by providing active mentorship from cultural leaders but also create an overdependence of those leaders. Lastly culture can empower an organisation to be confident by providing a tried and trued method of operations which promotes a positive perception from all stakeholders, but this can also be a hurdle in the case of corporate mergers and acquisitions due to the challenge of adaptability.

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