Essay about How Childhood Obesity Affects The Health Care System

Essay about How Childhood Obesity Affects The Health Care System

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How does Childhood Obesity Affect the Health Care System?
Childhood obesity has doubled in children and quadrupled for adolescents in the last thirty years. Obesity and overweight rates in children are higher among families living below the poverty line. The diabetes rate is higher in children living in poverty. Families that are living in poverty cannot afford the fresh produce and healthier foods due to the rising cost.
Childhood obesity has become an epidemic in the United States. With families always on the go these days it has become easier to grab something to eat at a fast food restaurant than to cook at home. Parents have also instilled in their children that they do not always need to eat healthy. Children would rather eat junk food than eat fresh fruit or vegetables.
Modern technology has made children lazy and parents support it. At a very young age, children are given video games, tablets and cell phones. Parents let their children sit and play video games for hours as well as playing games on their tablets. Children do not get the exercise they need, therefore they are beginning to be overweight. Children are handed cell phones before they even know how to be responsible. Parents do not make children do chores inside and outside of the home these days. Chores also help keep obesity in children down as well. It is not just about eating healthy. It is also about getting out and moving.
Schools are finally starting to help combat childhood obesity. They are starting to make healthier meals for children. They are offering fresh fruits. Schools are offering more activity time. The education system has become aware of the increased obesity problem in the United States.
There are several different health problems that ar...

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... for all families. If food prices were lowered then childhood obesity would be lowered and then the health care cost would be lowered as well. Obesity has also been linked to several different types of cancer. Some of them include breast cancer, colon cancer, kidney cancer and pancreas cancer.
Childhood obesity not only affects the children living with obesity but everyone around that child. The family of the child living with obesity is affected as well. A child living with obesity may not have the same quality of life as would a child living without obesity. The child living with obesity will not be able do the same activities as would a child living without obesity. A child with obesity may or may not have more health problems than a child living without obesity. A non-obese child could possibly have more health problems than a child that is battling obesity.

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