How Business Analytics Is A Method For Conduct Statistical And Operational Analysis Through Raw Data, Resource And Information

How Business Analytics Is A Method For Conduct Statistical And Operational Analysis Through Raw Data, Resource And Information

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Business Analytics is a method to conduct statistical and operational analysis through raw data, resource and information and to examine numbers and process to fit business strategies. The deliverables of Business Analytics may include predictive models, optimization plans, process reformation, customized applications under certain circumstances, disaster recovery plans and so on.
C. C. Int’l., the company that I worked for, is a relatively traditional company with limited understandings in Analytics and the related analysis. There are some internal reports and only very few external reports for different purposes. Without the full and broad points of view in analytical reports, C. C. Int’l is definitely in emergent to have some suggestions to obtain business recommendations which indicates the methods to improve the performance.

Company introduction
Every company has various business goals and strategize the business processes to achieve those objectives. While in my home country, I had worked in a company holding exhibitions and trade shows for different industries. This company itself stands in a very unique industry which is a so called MICE (Meeting, Incentives, Conferences and Events) industry. As a company working for exhibitions and events, my previous company, C. C. Int’l, aims to get local and global industries’ attentions as well as to catch target customers’ eyes.
Due to the special features of C. C. Int’l business, its main target customers are enterprises in specific industries, depending on which industry it provides services for, and the second target customers are those businesses’ target customers. For example, while holding a Pet Product exhibition, the main target customers of C. C. Int’l is companies in P...

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... other perspectives. The longer decision-making process, the more difficulty the company makes profits from the market. However, as far as I saw, there are still partial analytics actions taken within different teams.
The analytics between Finance/Accounting and Sales
Due to the nature of those two teams, they work together to make sure Sales achieve the goals for each project during given time frames. So, two teams share same analytical forms, such as invoices, weekly/monthly sales tracker, and floor layout on the exhibition hall. Those forms show how far Sales team is away from the goals or how many booths are still opened for sale. For example, the Finance/Accounting team will send Sales team the bar chart with certain numbers and the sales goals of next period. Those report make the company with better control of the cost and revenues in different time duration.

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