Essay on The Hospital Of Southern Nevada 's Dental Hygiene Clinic

Essay on The Hospital Of Southern Nevada 's Dental Hygiene Clinic

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A healthy 64-year-old male was seen at the College of Southern Nevada’s Dental Hygiene Clinic on April 13, 2016 for a health history assessment, vitals and screening. The patient stated he was “feeling good.” The major reason for his coming to the clinic is to get a cleaning. His last dental visit was in 2014, and his last doctor visit was in March of 2016. He has no health problems and no allergies. He drinks one beer a day. He stated that he has one dental implant since 2000, although, no implants are present in his mouth. He is currently taking the following medications: a multivitamin, Omega 3, flaxseed oil, Aspirin, and coenzyme Q10. The patients vital signs are as follows: BPRA 116/74 mmHg, RCP 60 BPM, and R 14 RPM. The patient was classified as an ASA II and is case typed as a 4D extensive.
Extraoral Exam
The patient was seen for an extraoral and intraoral exam on April 18. The patient’s general appearance, facial symmetry, lymph nodes, and glands were within normal limits. The skin was as follows: generalized 1x1mm to 5x4mm regular and irregular melanotic macules on the facial and neck regions, a 2x2mm erythemic macule superior to the left labial commissure and inferior and lateral to the left ala. There was a 3x1mm erythemic linear ulcer superior to the left angle of the mandible and lateral to the left labial commissure. The eyes presented with bilateral erythemic sclera. The TMJ deviates to the left upon closing.
Intraoral Exam
The patient’s breath odor, alveolar ridge, hard palate, and salivary ducts were within normal limits. The lips presented with fordyce spots on the upper lip and commissures of the lower lip. A linear erythemic ulcer was found on the labial mucosa adjacent to teeth #4 through...

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...• Presented treatment plan
• Gracey formative
• Began manual scaling URQ
• PHP score – 2.3, which is fair
• OHE: Biofilm theory was discussed and the Stillman brush method was taught due to recession.

Appointment 3 (April 26, 2016)
• HH assessment
• Prerinsed with Listerine
• Completed manual scale of UR
• OHE: Due to short appointment, briefly discussed Stillman method.

Appointment 4 (May 2, 2016)
• HH assessment
• Prerinsed with Listerine
• Manual scaled and checked in UR, LR, LL, and UL
• Completed nutrition formative
• PH: 7
• PHP: 2, which is fair
• OHE: Discussed Perio theory due to patient’s current periodontal disease, probe readings and bone loss. Taught C-shape flossing and recommended Superfloss

Appointment 5 (May 3, 2016)
• HH assessment
• Prerinsed with Listerine
• Polished and fluoride
• Instructor manual scaled tooth # 18
• Took PA of tooth #18

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