Horror Movie - Original Writing Essay

Horror Movie - Original Writing Essay

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My hands were clenched tightly around the armrest of my couch, ten minutes in to my first horror movie. I was in middle school as a 7th grader, brand new to the world of sleepovers, late nights, and scary movies. My best friend invited me over for a sleepover on a Friday night to pig out on candy, and watch a movie that would surely leave us with nightmares for a long time. I did not show it and neither did my friend, but I was apprehensive whether or not this was a good idea. I could hear my mom in the back of my head at the time saying, “scary movies are for adults, and you will regret it if you watch one.” We both acted like the movie we were about to watch, wasn’t a bigger deal than it actually was; I was terrified yet excited about the experience we were about to have.
Horror is an extremely popular genre when it comes time to deciding on a good movie to watch with a best friend or group of friends. Filled with twisted ideas, blood, gore, and supernatural occurring’s, I can understand why a lot of Americans do not crave putting in such a film. What I do not understand is why a lot of them don’t enjoy a good scare here and there. I dont see the mass majority of people watching for the pure pleasure of the ideas and images a film provokes. Most horror movies show possibilities with a real risk factor, diving into a world filled with killers, clowns, and your skilled boogie man. We’re not watching because we feed off the violence and twisted scenes, but were craving the feeling and adrenaline that is triggered by such images and ideas. Watching from a safe place such as your couch, offers an out of body experience simply by putting on a movie. For me, there was nothing more exciting that really could happen late at night, espec...

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...n era of new findings. For instance, your first reaction when driving by a major car accident is to look, we have the innate tendency to catch a glimpse of the world no one wants to really experience. We know that when we look, odds are were not going to witness a unicorn jumping over a rainbow, but the possibility of seeing a horrific accident or even a mangled body.
One of the lasts things Stephen King said to wrap up his essay was, “It Keeps them down there and me up here”. Proposing that were all a little bit crazy, and are in need of horrible graphic ideas and thoughts . Not suggesting that we crave the rush and blood throbbing experience, but enjoying the dark side we all carry in us. After 8 years of enjoying horror movies I will confidently advocate that the reason we “crave a horror movie,” is simply because you crave the initial feeling it provokes.

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