Insanity is The New Normal

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Imagine seeing a mass murderer using a chainsaw to relentlessly hew its impotent victim under the shroud of darkness. Gory and bloody in nature, Horror movies possess the capability to intimidate and petrify their viewers. These movies have been around since the early 20th century, constantly gnawing at the idea that there is always something lurking in the dark. The ghastly nature of horror a movie is meant to frighten humans but peculiarly, in today’s contemporary society movie fanatics crave horror movies like it is Sunday dinner. Horror movies are sought after in today’s society primarily because they provide emotional relief, as well as provide an adrenaline filled rush to the average movie watcher. Although most horror movies tend to be gruesome for the weak-minded, these movies provide a catharsis to a majority of movie viewers. The standard human being has, at some point during their life, wanted to do physical harm to another person. As a part of an individual’s natural psyche, certain emotions like anger will grow and arise as something malevolent inside the brain. A majo...
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