Horror In Stephen King's Why We Crave Horror

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Horror is one of many fears humans have. We all have many terrors, but horror is the one that gets the best of us. Some crave, while others resent, the feeling horror movies bring to our body and the emotions that we experience. In Stephen King’s article, “Why We Crave Horror,” he explains that it is a part of the “Human Condition,” to crave the horror. King gives many strong and accurate claims on why we crave the horror movies, such as; testing our ability to face our fears, to re-establish our feelings of normality, and to experience a peculiar sort of fun. The first point King makes in his story is, we watch the horror to show we are not scared, we’re brave, we can face our fears, and that we need to feel the adrenaline rush when we experience horror. Stephen King is right to claim that we crave horror to face our fears. He explains in his argument that, “... we are daring the nightmare...that we are not afraid, that we can ride this roller coaster.” (King, “Why We Crave Horror” 1). That statement explains what most people are thinking the moment they walk into a horror movie. The rush of emotion and fear that runs throughout our body as we find a seat, is what we crave most. In King’s second article, Strawberry Spring, he uses brutal imagery of death, which causes the reader to feel the same rush of horror that they would in a violent movie with death. For example, near the beginning of the narrator’s encounter John Dancey, a junior in high school, happened upon a “...dead girl lying in a shadowy corner of the Animal Sciences parking lot...” (King, “Strawberry Spring” 2). The explicit imagery used to reveal the brutal death of Gale Cerman’s is shocking! Most of us spend our entire lives avoiding our “hysterical fear” of deat... ... middle of paper ... ...or more enjoyable and we can experience cathartic relief, which is relief through open expression of strong emotions. If us humans, are all actually mentally ill, then how are we able to keep the illness inside by just simply watching or reading horror? Do we have powers or is the horror playing mind games with us to keep the crazy inside? If we forced everyone to watch/read horror, would we be able to keep everyone sane and “normal”? Obviously not, but for those of us who do enjoy the horror are able to feel and do the three claims King presents in his article; testing our ability to face our fears, to re-establish our feelings of normality, and to experience a peculiar sort of fun. Even those who don’t enjoy the horror are able to exercise these three claims in many other ways. So, according to Stephen King, as long as we keep the gators feed, we should be fine.
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