Homelessness: A Global Occurring Issue Essay

Homelessness: A Global Occurring Issue Essay

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Homelessness is an issues occurring globally. Both the causes and the results have expanded locally and worldwide. However, in the United States at least 3.5 million people are facing homelessness every year (Overview of Homelessness in America, n.d.). According to National Student Campaign against Hunger and Homelessness the biggest growth has been with children and families. Many facing poverty and homelessness, but the causes are becoming an interplay issue (Health Care, 2013). Beyond the addictions and illnesses there are homeless and taxpayers concerned of the situation.
The consequences of those without a home and living in streets are unbelievable. The homeless have been attacked, raped, and families have been taken away simply because shelters and organizations do not accept children or men. Adults are becoming more likely to be diagnosed with respiratory infections and perhaps live dangerous illnesses. As stated by the National Alliance to End Homelessness (2013), 40 percent of the homeless in 2012 had serious conditions such as physical illnesses or even alcohol or drug abuse while, children were more likely to have difficulties in school or perhaps live in dangerous situations. Often times the homeless have suffered physically and mentally, but the cause of becoming a homeless is becoming beyond the common drug and alcohol abuse. About 31.1% said they had lost their jobs while 38.9% has no sufficient income, and 26.1% have a current disability that prevents them from working (National HCH Council, 2002).
The National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty, says the homeless are less likely to commit a crime. As a matter of fact, the homeless make 25% percent of crimes while 75% of crimes are committed by a non-homel...

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...ject has so far resulted in 5% less violent crimes and burglaries and is continuing to stop and prevent drug and alcohol activities.
Path Ventures is another organization, not only looking to house the needy but make a change for future generations. Basically, the development works by providing affordable homes to the needy. The solution is not only housing but actually providing permanent stability and the opportunity to receive health services. Unlike, the many other programs and shelters Path Ventures welcome families with the intention of having complete success.
By permanently housing the individual outcomes can result in a quality life. If the homes are provided to the needy, the taxpayers could see that the cost to maintain the homeless will decrease by preventing the problem itself. If the taxpayers take the opportunity to prevent illnesses, prostitution,

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