Essay on Hiv / Aids Prevention Care And Support Project

Essay on Hiv / Aids Prevention Care And Support Project

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makes the public unable to get proper health education on many problems including HIV/AIDS and its consequences.
Socio-Ecological Risk Model
Individual— IV drug use, early age at first sexual encounter, multiple sexual partners, poverty, inability to afford condoms, improper use of condoms, gender, lack of education, low access to HIV testing and treatment, traditional medicine
Interpersonal— polygamy and other traditions, social stigmas, bias against circumcision, rape, false beliefs about HIV/AIDS
Community— lack of HIV education programs, cultural stigmas, lack of testing, counselling, and treatment programs, prevalence of sex workers
Society— lack of or low funding for HIV/AIDS programs form the government, donor fatigue, lack of ART treatment programs among vulnerable groups

Community – Based HIV/AIDS prevention care and support project in Kenya (COPHIA)
The Community – Based HIV/AIDS prevention care and support project in Kenya (COPHIA) was launched by Pathfinder International in 1999. Initially it was supposed to be a three- year initiative but later it went on for several years. This initiative was funded by the President’s Emergency Program for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). The project was initiated because Kenyans with AIDS were cared for by family, friends or volunteers with little knowledge and skills. They did not have professional back-up, and education about the virus and its consequences. There were two objectives for the project. The first one was to improve the ability of communities to take care of HIV victims, and identify their needs. The initiative also intended to develop and carry out activities focused on home-based care and support for people living with HIV and their families. The second objective was to improv...

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...people break traditions so it takes a long time for this to happen.
Community: The project increased number of HIV/AIDS programs in Kenya. Community mobilization helps with getting people to care about HIV/AIDS victims. Funding is also taken care of by grants from President’s Emergency Program for AIDS Relief. In this level, there is no solution for low health infrastructure especially government facilities.
Societal: Weak health infrastructure, bad economy, lack of government funding towards healthcare services, corruption of mismanagement of funds is not being taken care of by the project. The government needs to take charge of its healthcare system.
The effects of the program are being monitored by the number of people reached by the projects or activities; the number of people with increased access to care; and the number of people with HIV/AIDS in areas served.

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